Reflections From a 22-year-old Volvo

I recently bought this 22-year-old manual transmission Volvo (s80) from my uncle. It has quite the character. With its age, it has become quite picky. I enjoy the Russian roulette game that my dad and I play every time we turn on the engine.

Working Outside on a Sunny Day

To work outside, with the sun spraying its yellow-white illuminance on the walls, hearing the sounds of busy elements, and the subtle wind with its consistent inconsistency that touches you.

The Case of Software Engineer Burnouts

I've noticed that software engineers are burning out. I know some friends did. I did. I took an unexpected week off at the start of March. It's been a recurring pattern that frightens me because it's a looming presence that I can succumb to again.

Gig Atlas development updates!

It's been almost 3 weeks since I posted the on building a side-project full-time. If you want to have some context on what we're building, I recommend reading it.

Building our first side-project, full-time.

Last week, my friend Dianzel(@jansel369) and I met up and partnered to start on our first indie-hacking journey. Here's the backstory.

Macro/Micro Goals, And in Turning 23

There's a melancholic epiphany that you get when you turn 23. You're still young, but not young enough to be one of those 18-year old entrepreneurs

What I learned from The Principles of Object Oriented Javascript by Nicholas Zakas

ES6 classes in javascript is just syntactic sugar. Under the hood, prototyping is used to achieve a class

Why I Started This Blog...

I don't know how you we're able to stumble upon here, but hello there! Welcome to my blog