Gig Atlas development updates!

It's been almost 3 weeks since I posted the blog post on building a side-project full-time. If you want to have some context on what we're building, I recommend reading it. Btw, this is the first time we revealed the name of our project. And yes, it's Gig Atlas!

The agenda for this blog post is to give an update on what we're able to accomplish for the past three weeks of developing, and future feature plans as well (wow, that was a tongue twister). So to recap, here are the MVP features that we wanted to develop before doing soft launches and taking feedback.

  • Gig listings and search functionality, and post a gig feature for employers
  • Freelancer/Remote Worker Community

Here are some video updates of our ongoing work:

Post A Gig - Demo Video

The post a gig form functionality is almost finished, the only thing missing is the payment system as Stripe isn't available in the Philippines. My co-founder is currently working with the less straightforward API that is Paypal 😔. You may be familiar with the design of the multi-step form. I've taken inspiration from's multi-form, so credit's where credit is due. I tried to not reinvent the wheel as much as possible because I firmly believe that shipping a product earliest is crucial.

Another thing I've worked on is the on-boarding process for freelancers. The process must have as little friction as possible, while still allowing freelancers to promote themselves with their portfolio, socials, etc. One feature that I think is useful is to connect with Github to populate your portfolio with your open source projects. Our why is to create a platform that uplifts and empowers freelancers, so it's important for us to design the freelancer page in a way that allows freelancers to uniquely brand themselves.

Onboarding - Demo Video

Looking back at we've been able to build in the past three weeks, my initial thought was that we would have been able to get more things done by now. But when you are a two-man team developing a product, you become the product manager, developer, dev-ops, designer, and marketer. This slows you down, but you also learn a lot. Personally, I enjoy wearing lots of hats! All in all, I'm pretty happy with the progress we've had so far. The next feature is probably one of the most crucial things to get right which is the social community aspect. And there's a high chance we won't get this right until we actually get feedback from our initial members.