Macro/Micro Goals, And in Turning 23

There's a melancholic epiphany that you get when you turn 23. You're still young, but not young enough to be one of those 18-year old entrepreneurs who successfully built their own company. I was ambitious and my mom probably believed in me too much. I was like any 12-17 year old who dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur, to be like The Zuck.

But this isn't a sad, whiny post. People say that writing down your goals is one step closer to accomplishing it. I'm doing this for that, and I also think it would be fun to retrospect this in 5 years.

Macro Goals

  • I identify myself as a creative person and builder at heart. I plan on building, and launching products until it becomes profitable and I become financially independent. Much greater if the product becomes valuable enough that I can help other people along the way in terms of employment or solving a problem.
  • Family, friendships and good times! According to Maslov's hierarchy of needs, we need self-fulfillment (first goal), psychological needs (intimate relationships, contentment, fulfillment). And I think this couldn't be more true. Aristotle raises the importance of relationships, most importantly virtuous friendship in living a meaningful life. I want to be able to build more meaningful connections with friends, family, partner. Also to retain virtuous friendships.

I think that's it for my macro goals, I'd like to keep it simple for now. We'll see how this will stand the tests of time.

Micro goals

  • I'm recently taking a 1 month sabbatical from professional software development. I will use this time to build a side-project and launch it in ProductHunt, Reddit, etc.
  • Aside from building, I will use this sabbatical to reflect on where, and whom I want to proceed with career-wise. The past year I've been a freelance/contract developer, and while I learned a lot and made a decent dime, I want to be able to work with a company that I'd be passionate and give the time to do meaningful work.
  • I want to solve more algorithm problems with and get 1-kyu. Doing more web-development stuff (which I like, and is awesome!) has degraded my algorithm solving skills, which I need to be able to built more complex apps. One domain that I want to get into is no-code, generative-code, whatever you want to call it. Basically, abstracting code to be able to build apps faster.
  • More adventures! I plan to travel to more places I've never been to in the Philippines. Also more biking trips, surfing, outdoors stuff. One trip that I'm excited about is watching the U2 concert with little bro and dad this December.
  • Maintain and improve my habit of exercising and working out. Also, add a cardio exercise that I enjoy in my routine. I'd like to love running, but I think biking will suffice for now.

I guess that's it for now, I'm optimistic about the future. And hopefully, I can revisit this back in the future with the same optimism!