Why I Started This Blog...

I don't know how you we're able to stumble upon here, but hello there! Welcome to my blog, where my thoughts and ramblings about random subject matters, most of the time about coding, exist.

I'd like to share to you why I started this blog.

To give you a little bit of a background about me, I am currently a software engineering student. I am practicing to become a proficient fullstack web developer. And to do so, I need to create projects that resemble real world applications/websites.

So, why blog about it?

I think that if you want to learn something on a deeper level, the best way to do it is to teach. And blogging, in a way, is a form of teaching. Because you are exposing your thoughts about a subject matter to a potential reader, you better be damn sure you aren't pulling shit out of your ass. Because the internet is a harsh place, and people will be more than happy to correct you if you are wrong.

As a programmer, it will be bad of me to spread atrocious coding solutions that a noobie might see, and make him or her say "Oh, jolly good! Why haven't I thought of that solution?".

Through blogging, I am challenging myself to understand with confidence the content that I publish. I am actively reflecting on what I have learned through the projects that I created, and the programming concepts that have been introduced to me. It gives you a different insight, and in my opinion, it helps break through my surface level understanding of things.