Working Outside on a Sunny Day

To work outside, seeing the sun spraying its yellow-white illuminance on the walls, hearing the sounds of busy elements, and the subtle wind with its consistent inconsistency that touches you. The screen that I often use seems to burst its figments livelier and more animated. I wonder why I haven't done this earlier. Work is just more fun outside. I derive energy from the things that surround me. A powerful concept; using others as energy. Why do I not do this more often? Are there other energy sources that I can use and leverage? It's easy to measure yourself by how hard you work; we intuitively feel that. But we usually don't see things that we can leverage outside of our us-ness. It's easy to forget that we are things that react to other things, and these other things can make us feel stronger, more energetic, more vibrant. I should be outside more often.